The Spanish Armada Of King Philip II

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In 1588, King Philip II of Spain sent a fleet of one hundred and thirty ships to her majesty Elizabeth I’s England to ultimately eradicate Protestantism. His country, Spain, was fully Catholic, so being Protestant would have been considered an act of high treason. Already provoked by England’s their religious intent, he was pushed over the edge when they started pirating ships from the Spanish Netherlands (currently the Netherlands, formerly ruled by Spain) for goods. He sent over a mighty fleet commanded by Admiral Marquis of Santa Cruz and the Duke of Medina Sidonia to regain control of the North Sea and exterminate Protestantism. Despite being vastly outnumbered, due to ingenuity, skill, and luck, the English forces were able to…show more content…
Galleons were the Spanish superpowers having three masts and heavy artillery onboard. Galleys were a bit smaller but mainly used to ram other ships with their pointy beaks. They were the fastest ships the Spanish navy owned. During this building of the Armada, Lastly, there were the merchant vessels. These were like the militia in the Revolutionary War; weak and small, but highly necessary. While this armada was being built, Philip II decided to have his infantry set base in Flanders, Belgium. This army consisted of about thirty two thousand men commanded by the Duke of Parma, matchless in skill. Their mission was to wait until the Armada got close to London and then help lay siege by joining forces with the Armada. The English, on the other hand, were superior at more a more modern naval warfare style utilizing guns and artillery contrary to boarding enemy ships. Thankfully for the British, their coastal beacons informed them about the Armada soon after Spain decided to construct their own fleet. The English fleet consisted of only thirty four “race-built” warships and one hundred sixty three merchant vessels. These warships were much faster than any ships the Spanish had, but also highly vulnerable to cannonfire. The English sailors were greatly more skillful than the Spaniards, though, so they were able to rely on ability rather than size. Charles Howard, Second Baron Howard of Effingham was nominated to command these English Forces. He was

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