The Spanish Inquisition During The Moors Essay

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The Spanish Inquisition was a court system established in 1478 that tried and sentenced heretics. Victims of these trials were predominantly “conversos”, Jewish people that had converted to Catholicism. The Spanish Inquisition was not formally abolished until 1834 by Queen Isabella II. Although the severity of the Inquisition is most likely exaggerated, it still remains a dark point in the history of the Catholic Church. To understand the Spanish Inquisition, we must first understand the events that preceded it’s beginning. It all began with the conquer of the Iberian Peninsula by the Muslim Moors in 711. After the Moors had taken over much of the Iberian Peninsula, the Reconquista began. The Reconquista (Spanish for “Reconquest”) was a period of about 750 years in which multiple Christian kingdoms expanded their borders into the territory held by the Muslims on the Iberian Peninsula. The result of The Reconquista was not the removal of the Moors from Spain, but instead the combining of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim societies. The tension created by the combination of societies soon boiled over and turned into violence. The main act of violence occurring during this period that inadvertently contributed to the Spanish Inquisition are the “pogroms” against the Jewish people. A pogrom is defined as “a mob action targeting any specific ethnic or religious group, characterized by killing and destruction of their homes, businesses, and religious centers, often with the
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