The Spartan II Project By Dr. Catherine Halsey

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It all started with ORION Project without it The Spartan-II project never would have been born, it was the idea that a small special forces teams would be better than a large army they were to costly the damage was becoming too great. This new idea was cheeps saved the lives of solders and was better at getting the job done. But combating with the insurgents was becoming too much for the UNSC to manage. As the enemy grow in numbers and strength they became more effective and more forceful, the need for large scale military campaigns became increasingly encouraged. Soon after this realization in the later months of 2517 The Spartan-II project was conceived by Dr. Catherine Halsey who happened to be successor to the ORION Project and was the best possible solution to end the widespread raged that flooded throughout UNSC space. The project was created these goals in mind. First was to create a group of elite soldiers meant to subdue any obstacle in their way, with little to no military casualties, second goal was to minimize civilian casualties and to prevent a civil war from ever happening and thirdly goal was minimizing the general cost of war. Halsey 's proposal for the project was farfetched at best it detailed radical changes and would test the boundaries of people’s ethical beliefs and moral code. The first and most controversial was the subjects themselves, they were picked from a gene-candidate pool of boys all at the age of six years old. This narrowed the
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