The Special Education System Essays

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Through my advocacy work, I have found that teachers are not providing students with disabilities individualized attention as outlined in a student’s Individual Education plan. Teachers continue to follow instructions from administrators to place the burden of education on the student causing students anxiety and frustrating despite knowing such treatment is wrong and inhumane. The treatment often results in elevated high school dropout rates of students with disabilities.
It is hard to understand why a teacher may treat a student, who is obviously willing to learn, in such a manner. The Asch Conformity Experiment is a good example; making it easier to understand the behavior or a group of educators. In the experiment, a participant
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Although the teacher provided the information, the family was asked not to bring up how he or she came to the knowledge to any staff members or in a meeting with other staff persons present. The teacher was fearful for the possible repercussions of going against what the group had decided were an appropriate intervention for the student. The teacher informed the family that the entire team was well versed on the student’s lack of skills. Nevertheless, that the protocol in the building, handed down by the administration was to first, blame the student, second, blame the parents, and finally recommend the child be placed on medication before he or she could return to school. The education team was instructed that if they chose not to conform their duties at the school would be promptly terminated. The teachers conformed for fear of losing their jobs.

Although teachers are charged with the duty of educating young people, they are still human beings. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Cherry K., 2012) describes what could be a driving force behind behavior that from an outside perspective would be seen as inappropriate at best. Most teachers are college educated ; in Massachusetts, most districts require teachers to hold Master’s Degree within three years of employment. The logic
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