The Special Meeting and Bruce Katz

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Foremost the community meeting I attended was one that was a special community meeting that was called into session, due to special reasons. In this community meeting they discussed the very fact that Las Vegas was no longer in a deficit and introduced Bruce Katz from Brookings institution that gave a presentation. This presentation was the Metropolitan Revolution which I found very interesting as they discussed how it applies and other lessons that could apply for Las Vegas and other metropolitan areas. Furthermore the information presented in the meeting was quite interesting and the opinions of where the country was going as a whole, although personally more could be done to improve the city of Las Vegas with it. Further examination of the meeting that the principles presented in the meeting could be carried over and applied in our city today. However, this community meeting discussed the state of Las Vegas and its economy as well as the discussion and presentation from Bruce Katz. Opening up with how Las Vegas was doing economically and its sister North Las Vegas was still struggling. Describing that Las Vegas had been “To hell and back” regarding the economic recession that plagued the valley. Bruce Katz from New York who is from Brookings institution gave a presentation on the Metropolitan revolution. He cites the…

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