The Special Relationship Between The Uk And The United States

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‘It was only because of the “special relationship” with the USA that Britain could exert an influence on international affairs in the years 1951 to 2007. ' Assess the validity of this view. The “Special Relationship” between the UK and the US relates to the unusually close relationship between these two world powers that has developed over the 20th and 21st centuries. They have an incredibly tight co-operation on such a wide variety of things, ranging from trade and economics to military power, nuclear weapons and intelligence; one that is almost unprecedented in history for two separate nations. After the Second World War, when the relationship was crystallised by the term it became one as much of personal friendships as of political power; and given the closeness developed between the two nations as a result of wartime, it became a keystone of post-war politics in both countries, having significant impact in both of their subsequent histories, and also those of other nations. Some of these relationships have been iconic in their pairings: Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan; Tony Blair and George Bush; Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt (who were in fact related); whilst others have been less fruitful – Anthony Eden, a man previously considered to be the authority of his time on foreign policy, having been Foreign Secretary for 30 years, had to resign as Prime Minister following the Suez Crisis and its resultant deterioration of the trust and relationship he had with
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