The Speckled Band Essay

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I choose the short story “The Speckled Band” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle because I find mystery and suspense very interesting, it something that you have to wait till the end to find out what happens. I find Sherlock Holmes very fascinating and how clever and intelligently he solves the cases. I’ve read other books related to Sherlock Holmes like The Hound of the Baskervilles, as well my favorite TV show Sherlock on BBC. Some questions I had after reading the short story was since the snake travel through the air ventilation, and then wouldn’t Miss Stoner have air ventilation in her room? why wasn’t Miss Stoner’s future husband not helping her out in this tough time? For this research paper, I used HCC Literature Resource Center to find two…show more content…
One point is that Dr.Roylott “had no plans to murder his stepdaughter Julia using a poisonous snake” however Lionel thinks “The simplest explanation consistent with all the facts is that Dr.Roylott was a voyeur”. He also says that since he was lonely man, without her wife and no female friends “Given his circumstance, he might have hoped to obtain some sexual gratification from spying his stepdaughter” After reading the story I do not believe Dr.Roylott would spy on her daughter for sexual gratification because if he did then the daughters would felt uncomfortable having him around and nothing like that was said in the story. Another criticism is that maybe the snake described in the story is incorrect. Watson’s description of the snake was “puffed neck suggests that it was a cobra”, Holmes description of the snake was”Indian swamp adder, and that its bite would leave two small punctures. Cobra bites are much more noticeable” however “But there is no evidence that Holmes actually saw any bite marks” In the story Julia didn’t have any marks of snakes bite. However, cobra’s bites are visible then the snake must have been some other type snake. Lionel suggests that “The African origin of snake is not a problem” Dr. Roylott’s “might well have exchanged animals with a collector in Africa” I do agree with Lionel on the second
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