The Spectacular Rise And Fall Of A Good Humanitarian Hero

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Case Study 3.2

The Spectacular Rise and Fall of a Good Humanitarian Hero


Greg Mortenson 's life as a humanitarian , a climber, and a nurse was very impressive. He was also a founder of the Central Asia Institute (CAI) which builds schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He became a hero and was praised for building schools in remote areas. He appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, Charlie Rose and many other national television programs. He wrote a book entitled "Three Cups of Tea" which has been a best seller for 220 weeks. He was also awarded Pakistan 's Silver Star. Further, President Obama also contributed $100,000 to the CAI. Although Mortenson had been known for the good deeds and received several awards, it was soon discovered that these accomplishments were earned with decrepit and unethical behavior.
In 2011, Jon Krakauer published a book " Three Cups of Deceit", in which he alleges that many of the events described in the book "Three Cups of Tea" never happened. Greg Mortenson exaggerated the stories in the book, gained sympathies and collected money from donors to build schools. Mortenson lied that he was kidnapped by the Taliban , he never held the hand of Mother Teresa because she was already dead when he reported it, and finally, he never spent time recovering in the village of Korphe after his climb. He fabricated many stories in the book and also spent most of the charity 's fund for his personal use.

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