The Speech By Men Attending A Symposium Or A Drinking Party

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Allyson Boubert
Prof. Robert Grimwade
November 12, 2016

Through the speeches by men, love is examined by men attending a symposium or a drinking party. The symposium has its main concerns with the beginning, the purpose and nature of affection and care. Therefore, love is the central theme in Plato’s dialogues in Symposium.
The Symposium is a philosophical text written by Plato in approximately 386-370BC. It is a lively and entertaining book characterized by witty characterization which not only shares the concept of love but also gives shades some light on the social life of the Athenians. In this party, taking place at the house of Agathon in Athens, everybody must deliver a speech in praise of love, Eros. The statements describe the qualities of Love. They also describe its behaviors and the way the inspiration it has humans (Cooper).
Initially, love is described as possessing beauty, wisdom, and good things. However, Socrates takes the challenge against the notion arguing that love lies between beauty and ugliness, ignorance and wisdom and has a predilection towards good things that it does not possess. He further argues that love is a spirit between mortal and immortal.
The symposium opens by Phaedrus opening by citing Hesiod, Acusilaus, and Parmenides that Eros is the oldest of gods. Love confers some remarkable benefits. It inspires a lover to get some admiration. He notes, "A handful of such men, fighting side by side, would defeat practically the whole

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