The Speech Of Polly Baker

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The speech of Polly Baker
Benjamin wrote the speech in the perspective of a mother of five who was facing a jury. She had been accused of fornication and consequently the birth of five children. The children, the youngest being very young were all the proof the jury needed to convict her. But she makes her case and terms the whipping and the fines she had already paid for her other four children as being unjust (Maestro). They were costly and in a big way reduced her ability to cater to the needs of her children. Women were not treated as an equal member of the society at the time the speech was developed. The speech challenges all knowledge about the judicial process and this focus makes it more effective rather than making a case for women which would have been ignored at the time. The setting, plot and characterization are three of the main concepts in the message “The speech of Polly Baker”, the culture that produced the speech applied double standards based on sex and gender.
Polly is being held to one thing, and the men who have fathered her children are not punished. She tells the bench that the men ought to provide as well, but the ladies will not force themselves on these men (Lemay). If men refuse to take responsibility the society should remember that the women are doing what God wanted them to do; recreate and fill the world. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed the children to be formed in their wombs. Women shouldn’t be punished for it, but praised. She is…

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