The Speech Of Steve Jobs

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Speeches appear in all shapes and sizes, some fantastic, some horrible, some motivational and some inspirational. The single detail I can tell you there is always a few that will linger and stick around in your head. These speeches go through history as being remembered and studied for decades. A few that come to mind are “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King, “Never give up…Don’t ever give up,” by Jimmy Valvano and “You’ve got to find what you love,” by Steve Jobs. Each and every one of these speeches was written by men who were challenged to make difficult decisions in their lives which would inadvertently affect their future in one way or another.
The most current speech of the four is Steve Jobs’ “You’ve got to find what you love.” His speech targets college graduates of the 21st century. After I read Steve Jobs’ speech, I understood the power of his words. At the beginning, he stated that he, unlike the graduates, never graduated from college; he dropped out after 6 months. Additionally, he reveals information about himself throughout the speech, such as being adopted, and the fascination for calligraphy. At the age of 20, Steve and a friend created Apple, a computer company in his parent 's garage, later to be fired from his own company. But of course that did not stop Jobs; he ended up creating two more companies called NeXT and Pixar. Presumably, the scariest time in his life started when he was diagnosed with an incurable pancreatic cancer later

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