The Speech On The English Language

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EESL 671 Submitted to Dr. Howard By Victor Rivera For EESL 671 I understand the rules governing plagiarism and I certify that the work contained in this paper is my own. I have given appropriate citations for quotations and ideas that I have taken from other authors. Signed _Victor Rivera_. Background of the Project The Role of English in Taiwan The English language has grown to become one of the world’s most learned languages. English is taught in nearly every country around the world, and every country values English differently. Some countries view English as a key to academic success; others view it as a means for social growth and prosperity. Historically, Taiwan has viewed English in a positive light, utilizing…show more content…
“Languages in Taiwan can be divided into three categories: the ‘mother tongues,’ the official language, and languages for wider communication.” The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin, while English is the most popular language to be utilized for wider communication. That is not to say that English is the sole language for wider communication, it just happens to be the most widely use language for wider communication. The English language has infected the world like a virulent plague, infecting populations with notions that the English language will lead to prosperity due to “the success of the British colonial empire and the subsequent rise of American economic and technological hegemony.” In order to take part in the ideological and economic success of these English speaking countries, smaller countries like Taiwan formed aggressive policies to begin teaching their youth the English language. English is viewed as a key in Taiwan, a key that opens up the door to knowledge and opportunities that would have otherwise been inaccessible due to language. “The primacy of English in the world is understood by participants as […] something to be pursued and obtained […and embraced] for its connotations of status and development, both for the individual […] and the nation.” Huang reveals that a major portion of the Taiwanese population believe English is a gateway for not only individuals but also for the country as a whole. History of
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