The Speech : Plant Based Diet

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Persuasive Speech Outline Format

Title of the Speech: Plant Based Diet

I. Attention (Introduction) A. Attention-getter
How many of you eat eggs, bacon, or milk for breakfast? Would you prefer to have a bowl of granola and juice instead? Well I am going to tell you why should you choose to eat healthier today. I am going to tell you about why you should choose a plant-based diet.

B. Importance
According to the article, Secrets to longevity, written by Cathy Gulli on May 26, 2008 in Maclean’s magazine the longest living populations in the world, live 8-20 years longer than the rest of the world. The reason they live so long is because of their plant-based diet.
C. Establishment of ethos
I myself have had a plant-based diet and a diet made up of processed food and meat, and based on my experience and research it is clear that a plant based diet is the better choice.
D. Preview main points I will be telling you today how plant-based foods are healthier for you, how it will help improve your mental health, and how eating plant based foods is cheaper.

Before I get ahead of myself I will tell you how plant-based foods are far healthier for your body than animal products. II. Plant products are healthier for you. A. Main point- According to, Plant-Based Diet for Heart Health, found on last accessed March 5, 2015, the people who choose a plant-based diet have a 20% less chance of getting some form of heart disease, and more importantly…
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