The Speech, Slavery And Freedom : The American Paradox

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The speech “Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox” by Edmund S. Morgan gives a very interesting insight into the American hypocrisy that is slavery. The document itself reveals a bit about its author by reading in-between the lines and foot notes. The author is a well-educated and respected male colonial America history professor of Yale University. He mentions in the text referring to specifically his field and the difficulty of finding the reasoning of slaves not being entitled to the same writes the United States was founded on. Him being able to form such a well-supported argument and claiming his career, secures his intelligence. The document was a speech for the presidential address of the Organization of American Historians in Washington D.C. in 1972, to be a main speech for such an organization he must be well respected by his peers. The male claim is under the assumption that with woman’s rights still being fully established the organization would be resistant to have a woman be the creator of one of the leading speeches. The paper was meant to open colleagues’ and interested readers eyes into a different way to view slavery, and the reasoning for it still being around in the antebellum period. The author does paint some people in a light that helps his argument such as Thomas Jefferson, who he paints as a man stuck in an infinite cycle of morality and personal goals; most likely done for the readers to find Morgan’s argument favorable and reasonable. Though

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