The Speed Of Thought Using A Digital Nervous System

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In 1999 Bill Gates and Collins Hemmingway collaborated on a project that produced the book: Business @ the Speed of Thought using a Digital Nervous System. Detailing businesses and public agencies using technology that transforms information to a more responsive element, energizing three major functions of any business: business operations, knowledge management, and commerce. Gates gives general lessons to other organizations with the ability to adapt quickly to constant change using stimulated business strategies. These strategies touch on the importance of digital information passing quickly throughout a company. Business @ the Speed of Thought explains the reasons for practical use of digital processes that solves business problems. Improving digital information systems can empower employees to take more initiative on their own, moving beyond carrying out orders. The combination of hardware and software enables a company to perceive and react to organize responses, a customer’s need and a competitor’s challenge, and to its environment. Mere networks of computers alone distinguishes that the accuracy, immediacy, and richness of the information is, unless without the collaboration of knowledge workers with this information. Gates drives this book on the insight of technology driving the flow of information throughout a company in the form of a Digital Nervous System. Information flowing In this book, Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates welcomes the age of the
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