The Speed Of Trust Book Report

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The Speed of Trust

Identify five to ten most important ideas from the book and explanation of why they are important.
One of the most important ideas is “The 4 cores of Credibility”. It talks about the different cores such as integrity, intent, capabilities and results. Integrity and intent are character cores, and capabilities and results are competency cores. The first core is Integrity. Stephen Covey, the author, talks about how integrity is more than just honesty. It has three parts to it, which are congruency, humility, and courage. Congruency is when a person acts like his or her values. There will be no difference in what he or she was intending to and what actually happens. The second one is humility, where people lookout for
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To receive more trust from others, people need to show responsibility. When things go wrong, do not blame others. Another important part of building trust is to make sure to listen first before you speak. It is necessary to diagnose and understand what the person is saying. Do not think you already have the answer before a person has finished talking. If a person decides to commit to something, people should keep the commitment because it will destroy the trust, and confidence people have in you if you don’t. After all, it is significant to extend the trust to people that earned the trust. Just because there is some risk involved, do not hold back with trust.
My third important idea is “The 7 Low-Trust Organizational Taxes.” It specifically looks at low organizational trust. It is important, because some organizations often have redundancy with an overflow of management, which overlaps each other. In the end, it is just a way of ensuring control. If you have a low trust organization, there will always be bureaucracy. It does not improve things, but bureaucracy makes it inefficient. Another aspect that is important is politics inside a firm. Here, we are talking about strategies and tactics to gain power. In the end, there will be low trust because time, energy, and money are wasted. However, disengagement of employees can lead to very low trust as well. Sometimes an employee puts in just enough effort so they do
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