The Sphere Of Small Business Financing

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In the sphere of small business financing, two categories of individuals are pertinent in the overall scheme of financing, they are those that invest their monies, as well as, the individuals that lend monies (Hodgetts, 2007). These two modes of funding produce the same results, which is the provision of the necessary capital needed to begin the business adventure of the individual. However, funding can at times be difficult to procure as reiterated by Nicole Taylor (2015), in her article “14 Creative Financing Methods for Startups. She offered numerous ways to procure these funds, such traditional loans, renting one home to others, credit cards, equity, online lending institutions, family and friends, as well as others. However, the dilemma remains, which way offers the best choice for the individual. Prior to deciding on the financing mode one needs to consider two objectives, which are the amount of funds one requires the start-up and maintenance of the business until it is profitable. Secondly, one must consider the time frame of need for the funds. Consequently, these points of contention change with the magnitude of the venture, as well as, the nature of the business. With this in mind, I propose addressing this issue from the standpoint of procuring financing for a small eatery that provides breakfast and lunch menus. The forms of financing that I would seek would be traditional bank loans, credit card, or home equity financing, and lastly financing utilizing family
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