The Spill Of The Deepwater Horizon

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On April 20, 2010, at 9:45 pm, the Deepwater Horizon experienced an explosive blowout on a rig located in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion was about 40 miles of the Louisiana coast. With the flow of gas leaking out, it caused the death of eleven workers on the rig. About two days later the rig sank, which caused quite a lot of damage to a pipeline that laid drawn-out through 5,000 feet of water. As a result, the oil begin pouring from the damaged pipes into the ocean nearby, at the incredible rate. The Deepwater Horizon was built in 2001, and was owned by the Transocean Ltd. There are many people who blame the owners of the oil drilling company and its associates for allowing the disaster to occur on its watch. The resulting explosions at Deepwater Horizon and the oil spill that occurred after, enraged millions of people around the world. Consequently, the BP Company has faced multiple inspections from the U.S government, which is trying to hold BP responsible for its role in the oil spill. The administration of President Obama issued a six-month suspension on new Deepwater training projects, after the tragic events of the BP oil spill, and put a hold on all other production at thirty-three existing Deepwater sites. A process deemed irrelevant when that suspension came into contact with the Federal Courts a few weeks later. Its permitted status has yet to be decide. According to state officers the suspension was necessary to evaluate the possible dangers and future effects

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