The Spin Technique By Introducing Tea Company Essay

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In our sales pitch we decided to practice first and do a one-time shot because we wanted to have mistakes in order to learn from them. I started with introducing myself in a professional way by saying my name and mentioning who am I representing, but the first mistake I have committed is that I was supposed to introduce myself more not only a name and who am I representing, I was supposed to say in audition who I talked to over the phone and ask the buyer about his situation at least, what I have done is because I really wanted to get it done and that a huge mistake. I jumped from introducing myself straight to the SPIN technique and I missed salesperson gains prospect 's attention, effectively builds rapport, and smooth transition into needs identification, which have a huge part in building up to the SPIN technique. I started the SPIN technique by introducing Ahmad Tea company more and then I asked the buyer about what kind of tea they currently use, I asked this question to try leading the buyer of where he is having a problem by addressing that a famous brand like Lipton Tea is not necessary to be the best quality and the best taste. That was the beginning of the SPIN technique which is a Situational and it builds up to the Problem which is the second base of the SPIN technique. In this sale we made it that Boca restaurant are not that thrilled with their tea provider so that when we jumped in to see if we are a fit to them, we made it up that the seller is supposed
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