The Spiral Dynamics Model Of Ken Wilber

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To write about my journey in consciousness makes me think very deeply. I am not the type of person who sits and spend a few minutes to write a diary. Although I believe that it will be the right thing to do for a student in the holistic program. However, I believe this is the beauty of life that every moment I learn a new way to make improvements in my personal life. These improvements will carry a direct effect in my development in consciousness. Now how I can know if I had moved from different stages in my life so far? To answer my question, I will use the Spiral Dynamics Model of Ken Wilber.
The Spiral Dynamics Model is a system represented in levels and color code. Each level presents the modes of thinking of the individuals in each level which it is called memes. The memes development begins from the lowest level to the highest level. Moreover, the color code of the Spiral Dynamic Model is drawn from an “Eastern system called the chakras.”(Spiral Dynamics and Evolutionary Consciousness, 2015)
I want to start writing about my journey finding any similarities beginning with the first level of the spiral model and continue consequently with the next levels. The level one has beige as a color code. It is called the archaic-instinctual. The characteristics of this level are “food, water, warmth, sex, and safety has priority.” (Spiral Dynamics and Evolutionary Consciousness, 2015) Moreover, newborn infants are at this level. So, this is my first stage in my journey. I do not

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