The Spirit: A Short Story

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Melody stood shivering against the stinging wind. Her eyes leaked frozen tears onto her cheek and her face was turning red from the biting cold. It is her very first day as a student at Brigham Young University Idaho. She’s excited and terrified at the same time. She feels horrible unprepared and wonders if she crazy for being here. Melody is on her way to very first class as a college student and is already hopelessly lost. She wishes so bad someone would stop and give her directions, but she is much too shy to ask so she simply stares at her torn map flapping with the rhythm of the wind, too flustered to be able to understand its directions anymore. She knows she is running out of time to make to her class and is terrified about making a bad first impression, so quickly and silently Melody utters a prayer of guidance. Moments later a student passing by asks if she lost and points the way to the hidden Romney building. Melody has known that BYU-I would be her college since she was about 12 years old. Her older brother attended the university as well. Melody will never forget the day brought her brother to campus for the very first time. The Spirit entered her heart…show more content…
First, she has decided to be friendly to everyone she meets and to always remember that everyone has a story and struggles. It is always best to be pleasant, one can never know how much it can change another’s day or even life. Second, she is going to make the most of everything BYU-I offers. It is no ordinary university. As Melody takes the time to appreciate this this Spirit again starts to fill her heart. Third, Melody is going to change her major. She feels it is the right thing to do and is grateful for the peace she felt when she offered a prayer concerning this issue. Melody still has so much learn. She isn’t always very organized and gets lost on campus every day, but she is very grateful for the opportunity to be
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