The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down By Anne Fadiman

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I remember myself traveling away from my country at the age of twenty-one. Although I was very excited about the idea of venturing to a new place, I also felt the fear and sadness of separating from my family. As soon as I arrived in America, I was assisted to my residence; a single room provided for the nurses and the resident 's doctor at the hospital. Alone in my room and unable to go to sleep, I could hear the echo of the neighbors conversation yet the isolation and helplessness being in a foreign country was overwhelming at that time. While most of my colleagues and myself who migrated to the United States were able to understand and speak the language, the cultural differences perpetuate the feeling of anxiety. Now think about those migrants who could not speak and understand the language, how do you think they would feel living in an unfamiliar place like America? The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman, dare us to ponder what we assume we know about health care and what are the ultimate challenges that influenced the way patients were treated in a hospital. The book also helps us opens our understanding on how different people practice or observe healing ritual that is entirely atypical to the Western practice of medicine. Although I have a different reason for migrating here in America, I can feel the afflictions of Lee’s family. The story describes the series of misfortunes due to cultural disparities. Their challenges along the way and…
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