The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down ' : Book Analysis

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Caitlin Waldrop
Social Work 350
Spring 2016
“The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”: Book Analysis
Cultural Competency Jeanine Hilt was exceptional for her appreciation of the Lee family and attempts to become well-versed in Hmong culture. She demonstrated a willingness to learn from them and admirably strong commitment to advocacy on their behalf. Because of her determination to understand their background and their personal lives, she gained their respect and formed a very strong rapport with them. More people, and especially more social workers, should take that kind of approach to clients.
Putting the advice of Sukey Waller to use was an incredibly helpful step and recruiting May Ying to be the “cultural broker” and interpreter for Fadiman really led to substantial progress. Closer collaboration between the departments of the hospital may have led to a more prompt address by such a route. One wonders why Sukey Waller was not consulted sooner.
The importance of empathy in any helping profession, medical or social, cannot be overstated. The workers that exemplified it in their practice did the best that they could with their limited resources.
Social Environment The organizational ties that the Lees had to the hospital and its staff were characterized by miscommunication, condescension on part of many of the professionals, and mistrust on both sides. That the Lees distrusted the doctors in spite of their training offended the doctors, and the lack of assurance…
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