The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

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I have to admit when I first read “The spirit catches you and you fall down” I thought it would be pretty boring turns out its one of the most interesting books I have ever read. The cultural conflicts can apply to anyone and knowing a little bit more now what the Hmong people have actually gone through can make everyone develop a great amount of respect for the culture. The Lee family continuously went full force colliding with the American ways in order to protect their traditions so they could preserve their culture. Unfortunately, in the end it didn’t help them but that was all they knew considering the fact that that the doctors at MCMC hospital didn’t really go out of their way to explain procedures it only makes sense for the Lee family to revert back to what they know in their traditions. In the Book “The spirit catches you and you fall down” many of the characters didn’t apply reasoning. Reasoning means “thinking about the relations among statements; the mental process of making inferences.” Both Lias family and the staff of the MCMC hospitals were guilty of their inability to do this one incident after another resulting in Lia’s suffering. The doctors at the hospital most certainly had the ability to catch the epilepsy early on although funds weren’t abundant for MCMC they still had a staff that was well trained for all types of illnesses. Even the epilepsy had been the second time the Lee family went to seek treatment it could have saved Lia from getting

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