The Spirit Of Righteousness - Original Writing

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As it was, and shall be, from generation to generation, men pursue glorious romances, for

the sake of righteousness, by which they can write an everlasting testimony of their triumph over

evil. From the plains of Clermont, sprung a bid to assemble the soldiers of Christ to relieve the

brethren in the East of the “yoke of Islamic rule and [liberate] the tomb of Christ”.1 The acts of

these men, who were captivated by the declaration of this holy war, were written according to the

fervor within their hearts for God and the noble commission entrusted to them. Restoration of the

land that was sanctified by the Incarnate God was the prime and, arguably, lone purpose for a

man to leave behind his life and venture to the East with no guarantee of return. This was the

nobility of heart that was called for, and answered by many as propitiation, during the First

Crusade.2 As Jerusalem was restored to Christian rule in 1099,3 the foundation of a kingdom was

established and left to thrive in the Levant under Latin rule. The men who founded this kingdom,

and those who were to come thereafter, envisioned a domain closely resembling the kingdom of

heaven. Amidst the lusts of power, riches, and glory in Jerusalem, were thrust men who,

although present in the land for the purpose of virtue, remained vulnerable to a transformation

into the very iniquity they had come to liberate the East of. It was not a kingdom of heaven any

longer following the early days…

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