The Spirit Of Testing My Cognitive An Affective Memory On This Week 's Takeaways

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In the spirit of testing my cognitive an affective memory on this week’s takeaways, I will write based on hunches, i.e., I will not revisit the articles and chapters of books that were assigned for us to read while writing. I will also time my writing to check whether my writing speed has improved. By the end of my writing, I will have a look whether I spend more times: writing (composing and putting ideas) or editing (polishing). To help me with, all the potential intruders have been “deactivated”: kids have left home for school, my wife is busy with house chores , and internet WI FI connection is turned off.

Silvia mentioned that, due to the limitations in vocabulary and inadequate mastery of mechanics of the target language, struggling writers tend to spend most times writing and editing at the same time. I agree with this simply because that what has happened to me. With due dates approaching, however, it seems like perfectionism is a bad idea for struggling second language writers like me. I would offer some tips to pragmatically approach your writing in the academia. Unlike Silvia’s book, this short article is written by a struggling writer who bases this writing on his bittersweet experience.

First, Read. I know that many of us would wish that we don’t have to read in order to write well. How often do we wish that it would come down as a gift? The bad news is, as Silvia stated, there was no such gift. Writing, he argues, is a habit that that needs to be done

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