The Spirit Of The Holy Spirit

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Most of my ministry career has been spent trying to house break the Holy Spirit. As a young man I saw so many instances of ministers manipulating people to try and drum up the Holy Spirit or the people to receive the Holy Spirit that I thought the Holy Spirit needed our help if He was to move in the lives of people. I had never really seen the work or manifestations of the Holy Spirit outside of a southern Pentecostal setting. Furthermore, as a young man, I was always impressed with the Evangelist who stopped at nothing to start revival. I not only stopped believing in the power of the Holy Spirit, I doubted His intentions to allow such things to happen. So my interest in an academic understanding of the Holy Spirit is insatiable. There has to be more to the Holy Spirit than just speaking in tongues. This new understanding of the history and working of the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to the narrow mindedness of my Pneumatology. I now recognize the Holy Spirit in our services more than in the past. I also rely more heavily on the Holy Spirit’s leading in the direction of our ministry, both in services and in meetings. This has given your congregation new confidence in the Holy Spirit as the Comforter, Director, and Encourager of their lives. The fullness of the Holy Spirit is not just relegated to the manifestations of gifts, but we begin to rely on His direction and leading.
We have a rich heritage and Pentecostal history. Reading the stories of people being baptized

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