The Spirit World Essay

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This weeks reading continues with the theme of the of the Spirit world, with a specific interest in angels and demons. The text begins by stating quite plainly that one cannot deny the existence of angels under the authority of scripture. Yet, within this topic there seems to be an air of mysticism and pleasantries around these beings. In other words, when discussing this topic it is rather important to get away from the thought that we have an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other. However, this is about as far an understanding as a majority of common culture has allowed. All the while, scripture is plain, angels do indeed exist throughout the whole new and old testament, from Genesis to Revelation. The text then transitions from the existence of angelic beings to the biblical description of them. The first characteristic that Ryrie mentions is the state of Angels as created beings as apposed to beings that create. This simply means that angels were created by God and they…show more content…
Like the angels he shares in the ability to think, feel emotion, and have a personal will. That being said his personality is not described with the holiness of the angels. Coupling the existence of his personality with Jesus’ encounter with him in the desert gives further insight to his personhood. Simply put, Satan is not just a personification of evil because Jesus uses personal pronouns when speaking to and about him. The text then mentions something that I find rather comforting. Satan is a created being, he is not creator. He is not on an equal platform in power as God. This means that he possesses limitations to his power. For God alone holds the power of omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. Though he is a mighty being he is still not as powerful as his creator. Satan is actually named as the chief arch angel in Ezekiel 28:12. This means he has held a great deal of power, which is why he is currently known as the prince of the
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