Essay The Spirit of Ecstasy

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The Spirit of Ecstasy

For over 100 years there has been a car brand that leaves the impression of quality, reliability, and luxury. This brand is Rolls-Royce. The combination of Fred Royce and Charles Rolls created the brand in the early 1900’s. Rolls Royce is targeted at a particular audience. Their branding however is still impacting on all audiences; just certain people can afford it. Rolls Royce is idolized in the eyes of the public, from rap videos to mega millionaires. When you can afford a Rolls Royce you have made it big in societies eyes. Why is this so important in branding? It creates a strategic plan for them to follow. The strong brand image of Rolls Royce has evolved to have memorable, meaningful, likeable, transferable, adaptable, and protectable qualities. Rolls Royce gets many benefits from using these qualities in their branding. They have had many creations of advertisements through their branding ideology.
Strong brand images must have certain criteria to fulfill to create an understanding within the audience. In todays society clear aspects must be memorable. Brand awareness must be recognized to create this memorable quality. Rolls Royce demonstrates this quality through its mascot on the front of its hood. For a brand to be memorable it must hit certain aspects. The audience must be able to recall it. The ability of a companies branding to stick is key for being beneficial. An article in Fashion Drive magazine in (2012) talks…

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