The Spirit of the Squirrel

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The Spirit of the Squirrel In observing the industriousness of squirrels in a spruce forest, Bowles and Blanchard teach lessons about the nature of work and the motivational factors related to that. For employees to become motivated to work, it must be worthwhile. (Bowles, 1998 p29) For the squirrels, survival depends upon cacheing sufficient food for the winter. Greenberg presents an entire chapter on what motivates people to work. (Greenberg, 2010 pp 160 - 190) In it Greenberg presents several theories of motivation including need hierarchy theory, equity theory and expectancy theory. Whereas Bowles and Blanchard present their program as indifferent to the objective content of the job, Greenberg goes out of his way to identify job…show more content…
Every goal may not be critical, but every value is critical for success. Values must be set by leaders who must embody them. (Bowles, 1998 p43) Greenberg does not emphasize values as the foundational factor that Bowles and Blanchard do. He presents values that are shared among employees as a building block to trust. In his construct, Greenberg teaches that trust requires an understanding and appreciation of the other which requires spending time discussing common interests and objectives. (Greenberg, 2010 p197) Other trust building characteristics of managers include always meeting deadlines; following through as promised; and engaging in prosocial behaviors. (Greenberg, 2010 p198) The Way of the Beaver In observing beavers repairing a dam, Andy teaches lessons about self-determination. He relates that it is important for beavers (and workers) to have control over how they achieve their goals. (Bowles, 1998 p76) A playing field with clearly marked territory For Bowles and Blanchard, goals and values define the limitations for employee flexibility. To the extent employees remain within the bounds set, they should be free to accomplish their objectives. (Bowles, 1998 p80) Whereas goals and values address the needs of the organization, self-determination addresses the needs of the individual. Greenberg agrees with Bowles and Blanchard. In making suggestions as to how jobs can be designed to be more fulfilling, Greenberg

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