The Spiritual Aspect Of A Person Is Crucial Because It

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The spiritual aspect of a person is crucial because it is the basis, on which people make decisions that influence the environment they live in and society. Moreover, based on this aspect, a person is provided with guidance to make relevant choices that affect their life and health. Thus, having a healthy spiritual perspective is needed for a person to live in harmony with themselves and the rest of society.
Meanings of Spirituality Spirituality has multiples different meanings. People tend to see spirituality as religion, but even though spirituality is the core of religion, spirituality goes beyond religion. They actually show two different facets of the human practice. Spirituality relates to the personal inner soul and deepest values,
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Further, nurses form social bonds with patients during their interaction.
Pluralism refers to diversity in various aspects. In the hospital setting, as social beings, patients should be treated with the use of different methods, being able to interact with their doctors and nurses (Tanja-Dijkstra, 2011). It will create a cohesive relationship between the hospital personnel and patients.
Scientism is a system of making decisions based on methods and experiments proven through research and data analysis. However, research conducted in various hospitals focuses more on their internal environment rather than on patients (Tanja-Dijkstra, 2011). As a result, some of the latter are affected by hospital’s arrangement psychologically, and this lengthens their treatment time.
Postmodernism is a societal consideration of various perspectives that may be true for each separate case. Tanja-Dijkstra (2011) notes that the functional delivery of healthcare existed in the past. In this technology era, healthcare services are delivered with the help of machines based on patient-oriented care, not some principles applicable to all cases.
Seven Basic Worldview Questions
What is the prime reality? In the author, personal opinion, real is what it can be perceived, imagined or created physically. Therefore, activities that can be done to bring forth a working idea are a reality. In addition, God forms part of what is real in the life
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