The Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga

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Yoga has manifold benefits – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. While most people chase the physical and mental and some the emotional benefits of Yoga, there is no denying the fact that the Spiritual benefits of Yoga are the most fulfilling and long lasting. Having once achieved the true spirit of Yoga, one can start to know oneself at leisure. The greatest part of Self Discovery and enjoying one's true Self as is a journey in itself. The techniques of Yoga are practiced by the Indus to initiate spiritual growth. The yogis encourage union with the finite ‘jiva’ (transitory self) and with the infinite ‘Brahman’ (eternal self). Brahman is a term used by the Hindus to mean ‘God.’ Yogis usually think of God as an impersonal, spiritual substance, coexisting with all of reality. Yoga is a generic term for a physical, mental and spiritual discipline originating in ancient India and found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

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INTRODUCTION Yoga is one of the most important ways of healthy life. Millions of people throughout the world today practice yoga for spiritual reasons. Through yoga they contact their higher consciousness and the Lord of their hearts. Yoga means "joined together." The word comes from the ancient Sanskrit root word yug, which means "to unify." A yogi is one who consciously unifies body, mind, emotions, and spirit so that they work together
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