The Spiritual Discipline Of Worship

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The spiritual discipline that I have chosen is worship. When I think of the term ‘worship’ my initial response is singing to God but throughout this course I have learnt that although singing is one important aspect of worship, that it is so much more than just that. Worship is to “honour and adore the Trinity as the supreme treasure of life.” Worship is offering your whole self to God. Worship is a choice and a way of life.

Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started
Before I began studying the discipline of worship I understood worship as singing to God. I believed that it was something that came naturally to every believer, that it was something that you just did when you were a Christian. To think of worship as a discipline was a bit of a struggle for me. I understood worship to be lifting God up with your voice either in church meetings or in your quiet time at home and only had a basic understanding of what living a lifestyle of worship looked like.

A Significant Christian figure in history who has contributed to this discipline
The significant Christian figure that I would like to focus on is William Booth. William was born in England, gave his life to Jesus at the age of 15 and “is best known today as founder and first general of the Salvation Army”. William had a passion for music and a niche for using secular songs to reach the lost, although he was often criticized by others for doing so. He contributed
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