The Spiritual Resurrection Of Jesus

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I have heard that there are those who do not believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus, yet still profess to be Christians. I am not sure how they work all that out, but for me the physical resurrection, taken together with the death of Jesus on the cross and the Ascension, are fundamental to the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Part of the proof of who Jesus is comes from the Resurrection. As we read in the Gospel stories and in the opening chapter of Acts of the Apostles, the physical resurrection of Jesus was proof for the Apostles, Jesus’ closest friends, of who Jesus really is. I think it is also part of the proof we need to understand and believe who Jesus is. One of the ways, the disciples figure out that it is Jesus with them is in the breaking of bread. I believe that one of the best ways we experience the Resurrection is through the sharing of Holy Communion. I remember one day after church, on a day we celebrated Holy Communion, a member of the congregation came up to speak to me. I knew he had been involved in a car accident while being drunk and had been arrested and fired from his job. He had put himself into a rehabilitation clinic and had been released and was trying hard to stay sober and come to church. That fateful day came when he went out and got drunk again. He tried again to get himself sober, but I could tell he was struggling. He told me that something happened in his experience of communion that morning. He said that he really felt
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