The Spiritual Revolution Brought about by Technological Advancements

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With the world crisis at hand, and wars and revolts breaking out around the globe, how satisfied we, as human race, are? Advancements in technology has brought upon us the social media revolution. All of these outpouring of information and new advancements in technology has given rise to a very important cultural phenomena- spiritual revolution. It was in a way triggered by transparent media. Media has given a whole new dimension to our lives. There is much more transparency in the media. Take wikileaks, Egypt revolution, anna hazare movement in india, syrian revolution, growing concerns for communist regime in china, all are subsets of social media revolution. This has, in a way, triggered spiritual revolution (started in 2009). People are talking about karma cycle, meditation and righteousness like never before. This inclination towards humanity, on actually being human with fellow humans is going to shape the coming decade. But the question still remains will we ever get tired of technology? No. Technology is here to stay, and those who are fighting for the wellbeing of the planet are going to look for ways to preserve natural order and a sustainable environment within a pattern that is technologically proficient. Remember, in a society of little or no organization at all the stronger person wins. It means a return to meanest weapon that the one in power can use with nothing to stand in their way. Those who think that this is how society is more or less working anyway
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