The Spiritual Revolution in America

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“I’m spiritual but not religious.” In today’s society, it is a trendy phrase that many people often use to describe their belief that they do not need to be affiliated with an organized religion in order to live a faithful and fulfilling life. As life becomes more frenzied and chaotic, people assert that they do not have the time to engage in organized religious activity and turn to a different alternative, one that can be less limiting and narrow minded. While spirituality means something different to everyone, at its core, spirituality provides our lives with context. It arrises from the connection one has with themselves and one’s search for meaning in life. Spirituality can take many different forms, such as meditation and yoga,…show more content…
And we provide them with a variety of options: Protestants, Catholic and a number of other choices. The group that we call religiously unaffiliated consists of those who identify themselves as atheists, along with those who describe themselves as agnostics. And then the single largest part of the religiously unaffiliated are people who say their religion is just nothing in particular” (NPR). Smith also mentions how many of the people who say their religion is “just nothing in particular” are of a younger generation. Even pop music singer Pink says, “I love Native American spirituality and paganism, and I've studied Buddhism. I think organized religion is one of the top problems of the world actually, so no, I'd say I steer clear of religion and go straight towards spirituality” (BBC). The rise of this type of spirituality has been driven by a sense that religion is out of keeping with modern values. People associate religious organizations with constraining doctrines that do not allow one to think for themselves. Others also view religion as narrow-minded and prejudicial, stifling the growth of the human spirit. Or worse, some people contend that religion is the worst of all evils, responsible for all the wars and conflicts around the world (the persecution of Jews, endless wars of religion, religious intolerance that leads to terrorism...). Lastly, it would also be valid to say that
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