The Split of Yougoslavia

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DISCUSS the reasons of the split of Yugoslavia and its consequences on its people and society. After the Second World War, the great nation of Yugoslavia was formed by countries considered similar but extremely diverse in contexts of religion, culture and ideals. The break up of this nation resulted from the weaknesses in government after the death of their leader and national tensions which had been present for centuries. From this, the Yugoslav war had been triggered impacting the peace amongst the nations which once resided together and causing destruction, which had, and still does, cause problems for and amongst the nations and people involved. Yugoslavia was a nation in the Balkan region of Europe formed, under a monarchy of King Peter I after the First World War, named the Kingdom Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. This nation holds historic significance due to it being the first union since the Ottoman and Austro Hungarian Empires conquering the region. Yugoslavia first gained international recognition on 13th July 1922 by the Conference of Ambassadors in Paris and was later renamed the “kingdom of Yugoslavia on the 3rd of October 1925. After the Invasion of the Nazi regime on April 6th 1941, Yugoslavia was under the control of Fascism and abolished monarchy in 1945. It was then later freed from Nazi rule by Communist leader, Marshal Josip Broz Tito and the Partisan Army and renamed the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia (later renamed the Socialist Federal

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