The Sport Of The World War I

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not very pleasant. The sport had to be refined by the authorities in order to make it more credible. The sport was much later refined after the World War I which was the foundation of Formula One Racing. In the year 1904 a joint body was formed as the Association Internationale des Automotive Clubs Reconnus (AIACR). After that the Commission Sportive Internationale was built in 1922 which took care of the authoritative aspects. After the World War II four races were held in Grand Prix calibre with a different set of rules. In the year 1947 the AIACR changed its name to Federation Internationale de I’Automobile or FIA and established its headquarters in Paris. It was this time when the point system was started and the first World…show more content…
The sport cars that are used in the sport are not affordable by normal people and since they are custom-made to the requirements of the Grand Prix Circuits they cannot be rushed on the roads in the same manner. The impractical designs are sport oriented and after the race the cars have to be stored or their parts are utilized in other ways which leads to wastage of some sorts which cannot be recuperated (Henry, 2000). Hence the sport cannot qualify to the standards of being called economic and financially healthy. The economic issues are followed by social issues. The sport is a high energy sport in which a lot of unethical aspects get involved despite of all the attempts to keep it sane and safe. Initially the sport was held on public roads that led to severe accidents. Due to the uncontrollably high speeding of the cars the accidents were unavoidable and this resulted in dire disasters. These sports were held for public between the public but the cost that was being paid was a lot higher than the pleasure they were given which made it quite risky. After much thinking the sport was modified for safety and the circuits were designed to suit the requirements of the race and the cars could speed easily on these. Since the roads were now clear of passengers the speed limits of the cars raised even more. This resulted in more aggression being developed in the players and the viewers as well. The investment that was being put in making these circuits needed more money
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