The Sport Performance Of Olympic Diving

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There are many aspects and components that make up the sport performance of Olympic diving. To become an excellent diver, one must integrate the six components of a Sports Performance Program. The six training components include, flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, plyometric, and speed, agility, and quickness. This paper will be covering three of the six components, which include: balance, plyometric, and speed, agility, and quickness. “Plyometric training suggests that the demands of training should occur at speeds that will be encountered during functional activities so that the system learns just how rapidly force production will be required” (Clark pg. 8, 2015). For the diver to succeed in attaining height on the diving…show more content…
The amortization phase, also known as the transition phase, is the delay time between the eccentric and concentric contraction. Lastly, the concentric phase or the unloading phase, “involves a concentric contraction, resulting in enhanced muscular performance following the eccentric phase of muscle contraction” (Clark, pg. 238). A diver needs to apply the training component of plyometric to enhance overall performance levels to achieve maximum results. Balance is required for Olympic diving because the athlete must be able to hold a position with a small base of support (feet close together before jumping into the dive). According to the USA Diving organization, “A diver’s lift from the board prior to execution of the dive must show control and balance, plus the proper angle of landing and leaving for the particular dive being attempted,” (Diving 101). The diver needs to show proper postural control when approaching the board and prior to take off. To work on the athlete balance stabilization, a few exercises can be implemented into their training program. Some exercises consist of single-leg balance progression, single-leg balance reach progression, and single-leg balance with dynamic movement progression. These exercises can help assist in the sensitization of muscles spindles leading to improvements in neuromuscular efficiency (Clark, pg. 216). Woody Franklin, a diving expert, has six to help improve an athlete’s dive. Driving the knee up, drop the knee at
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