The Sporting Goods Stores At Grand Forks Meet The Needs Of Their Current Target Market

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Opening Statement The sporting goods stores in Grand Forks meet the needs of their current target market. We defined sporting goods stores as any store that sells athletic gear (spectator or participant), and any store that carries hunting, fishing, and camping gear. The needs of the current target market are defined as a product or service necessity that the customer is seeking.The greater Grand Forks area currently has eight sporting good stores. The brick and mortar sporting good stores in Grand Forks carry all core sports equipment that are played in the area such as hockey, baseball, basketball and football as well as less sought after equipment such as men 's volleyball shoes. Grand Forks brick and mortar stores are only able to…show more content…
For our position we are viewing young families with children between the ages of 5 and 18 whom are active in athletics and outdoors sports as our target market.Our customers locations are from Walhalla to Hillsboro and Devil’s Lake to Crookston. We believe these are great endpoints for our target market because of their proximity to us and other major cities. Towns past Devil’s Lake will travel to Minot for their sporting needs and towns past Crookston will travel to Bemidji. Hillsboro is our cut off for the southern border of our reach because anyone south of there will look to Fargo to fulfill their sporting goods needs. Walhalla, near the border of North Dakota and Canada, is our northern reach with the exception of many Winnipeg citizens traveling to Grand Forks for other needs and possibly satisfying athletic gear needs as well while making the trip. The average age of a Grand Forks resident is 29 years old.We want to try and target mainly the group of people that are involved in outdoor activities and participate in sports, whether it be from the participant or spectator standpoint. The first and most important reason for Grand Forks not having more sporting goods stores is due to the already established stores that Grand Forks offers. When we looked within the greater Grand Forks area, we had found eight other sporting goods stores. These sporting goods
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