The Sporting Goods Stores At Grand Forks Meet The Needs Of Their Current Target Market

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Opening Statement
The sporting goods stores in Grand Forks meet the needs of their current target market. We defined sporting goods stores as any store that sells athletic gear (spectator or participant), and any store that carries hunting, fishing, and camping gear. The needs of the current target market are defined as a product or service necessity that the customer is seeking.The greater Grand Forks area currently has eight sporting good stores. The brick and mortar sporting good stores in Grand Forks carry all core sports equipment that are played in the area such as hockey, baseball, basketball and football as well as less sought after equipment such as men 's volleyball shoes. Grand Forks brick and mortar stores are only able to carry so much product inventory in their stores and with equipment technology changing every year, having an increased amount of stores would either leave stores with leftover inventory or would cause them to order less and risk having stockouts because of the increased competition. Online retailers have been growing in popularity not only with the younger generation but also with the older generation because of its ease of use. People like the fact that they can essentially go to as many stores as they want online and never have to leave the house, and businesses are noticing this new trend and are trying to capitalize on it in 2014 Dick’s Sporting Goods saw their online sales grow by 28%. Dick’s Sporting Goods is starting to cut back on…
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