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As an Executive in the Monumental Sports and Entertainment organization, I have been tasked with the responsibility to analyze the upcoming culmination of our broadcasting contract with CSN Mid-Atlantic. Currently, we have a partnership with CSN for the broadcasts of the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards games. The Capitals contract is coming to an end after the 2016/2017 season and the Wizards contract is not until after the 2020/2021 season. With all the specifics of the current partnership in the favor of CSN’s (Steinberg, 2014), our organization has reached out with them to talk about restructuring our deal, but had no luck as of date. Monumental Sports and Entertainment is an enterprise that showcases both sports organizations, the Verizon Center venue along with multiple other ones. Monumental has also started a broadcasting network which is relatively new. The Network utilizes the internet to distribute its content and provides fans with all news in DC sports. It currently does not broadcast Wizards or Capitals games. We have explored the option of broadcasting the games in-house and through Monumental Network. Majority owner of Monumental and both teams, Ted Leonsis expects that “Monumental Network could one day broadcast Caps and Wizards games, in addition to other local programming.” Leonsis would like to wait until Monumental is a little but more profitable because he is dealing with player contracts, the Verizon Center venue and labor costs in his
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