The Sports Aren Illegal Recruiting And Paying Athletes

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As a former athlete playing in young recreational leagues to division 1 football. Now coaching football on the high school level one issue has been a topic of issue in the sports arena is illegal recruiting and paying athletes to play. Naturally as humans we all want to be the best and to have the edge. From students in medical school, pilots, olympic athletes, to corporate employees, the line between success and failure against one’s competitor is extremely thin.
The Southern Economic Journal states:
Competition among individuals comes in a variety of forms: for mates, for resources, and for prestige and recognition. Such competitive pressure can lead individuals to engage in unethical behavior in an effort to get ahead. There are several forms of cheating in which individuals may engage to improve their own outcome: they may lie about their own performance in a task and they may lie about others ' performance in a task (Rigdon, M. L., & D 'Esterre, A. P., 2015, p.1).
The reason why this statement is important is because this is an ethical issue not only in sports, but in nature as humans. In most cases, everyone wants to be the best at their craft, if they didn’t they would not be in their respected area of competition. The way one tries to get advantage is the choice that must be made. This issue in sports are on a bigger scope and platform because everything on the sports platform is magnified. Is the edge really worth the chance of getting cut, by being caught, that…
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