The Sports Career of Wayne Getzky

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Hockey sensation and legend Wayne Gretzky made it big the year he was sold to the Edmonton Oilers during the year of 1979. Born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada on January 26, 1961 Gretzky started playing hockey at the age of 6 for a local team. Up until the age of 19 he was playing for higher levels of hockey teams with older boys. As a dominant and competitive player at 15 years old he was playing with Peterborough Petes of the Hockey Association then moved on to playing for World Junior Championships in Quebec. Later in the year of 1978 Wayne joined the Indianapolis Racers with team owner Skalbania which months later the hockey team was no longer in the league and then sold Gretzky to an NHL team. Starting his first season in the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers Gretzky obtained his first Hart Memorial Trophy which is for the most valuable player on the team. During the season of 1980-81 Gretzky broke 2 records one of which it was believed to be unbreakable. The first record he broke was Bobby Orr’s number assists and Gretzky beat his record with 109. The second record also known as the “unbreakable” record was Phil Esposito’s of 76 goals and Gretzky broke it with 92 goals. While being on the Oilers and Gretzky became Captain he led them to 4 Stanley Cups Championship (1984, 1985, 1987, and 1988) in less than 5 years. After the last Championship in 1988 Gretzky finds out that he is being sold to the Los Angeles Kings. After being traded to the Los Angeles Kings where Gretzky

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