The Sports Energy Drink Industry

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This case study written by Krupa Kansaru on the history of Red Bull and their success in making the sports energy drink market what it is today has shown the key strengths of the company. The obvious strength that the Red Bull company has a unique and early start in the sports energy drink industry. CEO Dietrich Mateschitizin was quoted in the case study, he says that “if we don’t create the market, it doesn’t exists,” this quote parallels with Red Bull as a whole. Starting in the 1980s Red Bull used abstract marketing strategies involving differentiation, “word of mouth”, and buzz marketing to popularize the product instead of using a traditional approach by launching their product and waiting to integrate it into mainstream media. Red Bull thrusted itself into communicating with its customers and fan base by launching events, working closely with event coordinators, and strategic product placement. Red Bull also holds much strength by associating the product and brand with athletics and extreme sports. Targeting a younger generation and portraying the idea of a “fuller and freer life” has proven to truly engage the popular culture and counter culture alike. It is stated in the case study that Red Bull holds a seventy percent market share in over one hundred countries statistics like that show the company’s true strength especially compared to competitors like Monster and Rockstar.
Using the platform of epic adventures and excited living Red Bull gained many
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