The Sports Equipment Company ( Tdsec )

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The Doortodoor Sports Equipment Company (TDSEC) is a unique organization that has found a way to cut out the middle man, they supply sporting good the everyday sports enthuses right on the there doorstep. Being that they are the only organization to start this trend in the nation they want to take a closer look at their sales associates, map out their current patterns and treads, and well as predict the future trends of the organization. The Markov analysis is a great tool for TDSEC to use to predict the future trends of their organization, most because it doesn’t rely on the behavior or state of the organization when the analysis is completed. Internal Labor Market The state of the internal labor market can give the organization incites into many different elements which help predict the pattern of early mobility, the possibility of higher-level positions being filled from within, firm-specific human capital, incentive structures, or pure institutional factors (NBER, 2003). As stated in NBER (2003) the state of the internal labor market must be fluid in order for the organization to flourish. A clear sign of a strong internal labor market can be indicated through the state of how the organization employees; the high-level positions are filled almost exclusively through internal promotion and low levels will be filled through external hiring (NBER, 2003). Taking a look at TDSC’s promotion path, one can conclude that their internal market is in a fairly good condition,

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