The Sports Guy Case Study Essay

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The Sports Guy
Case Study

Case Synopsis

The case is about The Sports Guy which is an independent sporting goods store owned by Bob “Rocky” Rhodes; his business is in the retail sporting goods industry. The store is located in the south part of a small town which is just outside the Greater Toronto Area. The town has been growing rapidly for the last few years and the area around the store has become a prosperous neighbourhood, making their location a busy commercial area. The Sports Guy store sells sports related clothing and equipment. About 70% of their sales consist of equipment and uniforms bought by local teams, and 30% of sales consist of regular (walk-in) retail trade. The store’s sales have increased over the years
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Rocky's knowledge, experience and great relationship with the community and his customers are the company's biggest strength as well as being located in a prosperous and developing area. Their greatest weakness is Rocky's lack of business knowledge because that impacts many areas of the business negatively. The business's strengths outweigh its weaknesses because the 10 years of built up reputation and customer loyalty can overcome the weaknesses that are minor in comparison and could be solved over time. The opportunities are greater than the threats because Rocky and his business have a lot of areas that can be improved upon and taken advantage of whereas the only threats that the business face are one current competitor and the prospect of potential competitors in the future.


Strengths * Business located in a prosperous and developing neighborhood which could lead to new potential customers * Store is in a busy and commercial area giving it much exposure to customers passing the area * Rocky’s knowledge/experience of various sports makes him a great salesperson for the business * Rocky’s strong reputation throughout the community generates a lot of repeat customer business and word-of-mouth recommendations * Well exposed and advertised in the local community (TV channel, flyers, local newspaper, sporting events, etc.)

Weaknesses * Local team purchases make up majority of sales, making the business dependent on
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