The Sports Management Field Right Now

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My major is Kinesiology and I plan on going forward in the route to Sports Management. I am very open into what I can do in the Sports Management field right now. Currently, I am looking into having a double major, which would include Marketing. A degree in both Sports Management and Marketing would help me give business or teams the ability to work in an office to help promote whatever is needed. My main focus after college would be help small teams or teams at the college level with ticket sales and from there improve my role within that team to becoming the athletic director or even higher. The person who I chose to meet up with email and phone conversation was Kylie Hrdlicka, who is the Director of Game Day Marketing of the Sioux Falls Skyforce. I decided to pick Kylie because I would like to have an internship with the Sioux Falls Skyforce and still stay close to Vermillion. In our interview, I wanted to discussion what is here role for the Skyforce, Likes/Dislikes, and previous actions that lead her to get the job.
1. What is your job description and responsibilities?
As director of game day marketing, my primary role is overseeing game operations. This includes everything from writing game scripts, to booking halftime shows, to uploading content to the video board, and overseeing promotions that take place during the game. Our organization relies heavily on interns during our season to help us execute game day operations. As director of game day marketing, I…

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