The Sports Of An Athletic Games

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The hosting of an athletic games is a mammoth task that requires in-depth planning and huge amounts of labor. In modern times, and arguably more so in Ancient Greece, sports must be viewed as the intersection of many eclectic parts of society. While running an athletic event on this scale, we can break the planning chronologically into three main categories that will determine success: attracting an audience, the actual logistics of the game, and judging and the distribution of prizes. Each of these topics has many facets which must all be taken into consideration for our games to successfully attract people and sustain the popularity of the sanctuary and its God.
Attracting large audiences is the crux of putting on a successful games. To do this, we must acknowledge one very crucial fact about sports in Ancient Greece - it is a result of, maybe even an extension of, religion. Therefore, if we are to host a successful event, we must first create a strong religious element to our sanctuary. For this I would suggest the creation of an oracle at our sanctuary. Oracles, such as the Pythia at Delphi, provide a steady influx of people while also increasing the popularity of the God with each prophecy (Jones). This will feed directly into the popularity of our event. Religious fervor could be further augmented by the creation of a large monument of some kind. Just like the gold and ivory statue of Zeus at Olympia which drew in large crowds, our idol would serve as an
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