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The sport of golf is a game that many people play competitively and recreationally. Whether one is a tour player or a weekend warrior, everyone asks themselves after an ugly golf shot, “What was that?” or “How does that even happen?”. There are golf shots known as a draw, fade, hook, slice, chunk, blade, shank or other comical nicknames that are used to describe the outcome of a stroke. Most amateurs do not realize what it is that causes the ball to fly the way that it does. Well, frankly there are many components that are in play when any golf ball is stricken. These factors range from topics such as club path, club head speed, attack angle, smash factor and other simple or analytical concepts. Being able to read a golf shot and…show more content…
When a player hits a shot low on the face, that means that one hit the ball towards the bottom of the face and vice versa with a shot hit high on the face. The heel is the part of the club face that is closer to the hozel while the toe is towards the end of the face. The byproducts of poor contact in these fashions will promote shots that are low with less distance. However there are some side effects for hitting shots on the toe and heel. When hitting shots on the heel, the club face will rotate slightly closed at impact which will promote shots that will go left and vice versa for the toe of the club. Receiving that feedback after a poor shot can give one the ability to adjust for the next shot. (“What We Track” 1) Now there are many variables that have to be taken into consideration, but I will continue with one of the most commonly made mistakes in the majority of golf swings, club path. Club path is the line that the club travels on throughout the swing. All tour players have a club path that follows an inside to outside path that strikes the ball from the inside of the target line, while amateurs typically have a club path that goes from outside to inside which strikes the ball from outside the target. Having an in to out path implements the most potential to hit longer and straighter shots, while an out to in path will leave a player hitting clubs

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