The Sports Of Sports And Religion

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So who do you really want on your team? There is a real debate going on. Would you rather be on a team with a born-again Christian, who would rather read the Bible than the playbook, or a with a party going statistic acquiring machine that stays out late getting drunk, or is constantly seeking performance enhancing drugs? This question has been going back since the beginning of professional sports, and it probably will never be answered.
The co-existence of sports and religion occur throughout most nations. Character building, discipline, physical fitness, competitions, constant practices, mental fitness, fairness, rules, nationalism, religiosity, and so on, continue to help build a beautiful intriguing positive society.
Among some tribes in Mexico, sports begun as “fertility” magic, to ensure survival by supernatural means. During droughts, these people played particular games convinced that this would magically bring rain to enable crops to grow. Sporting pictures have also decorated the walls of Egyptian temples. The pharaohs and their nobles enjoyed sports, not merely as spectators but as players. The Olympic Games centered on the magnificent temple of Zeus at Olympia, and when the ancient Olympics begun in 776 B.C, the Greeks offered sacrifices and took oaths in honor of Zeus to emphasis the games’ religious significance.
Traditional African society, sports and religion were one functional unity. The wrestling contests of the Ibo of West Africa could not take…

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